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Thermolite Roofing Solutions Ltd

  Making Conservatories Comfortable ALL Year

Mobile: 0750 898 3148

email: [email protected]

Benefits of Thermotec Panels

  • What are the benefits?
  • Why Insulated conservatory roof panels from Thermolite Roofing Solutions..........

The main benefits of an Insulated Conservatory Roof

Being able to enjoy your conservatory all year round is just one of many benefits you will enjoy after converting your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a Thermotec insulated roof.

From this........

For many years the main problems with conservatory's have been

  • the high level of noise during bad weather (wind and rain, in particular)
  • the inability to minimise heat buildup and glare in the summer months
  • being very difficult to keep warm in winter months.

To this...... In a day!!! Amazing

The panels fit in almost any frame, are made to a high quality, fitted in a day and NO MESS!!

The Thermotec roofing system from Thermolite Roofing Solutions transforms your conservatory into a truly versatile living space that you really can enjoy all year round regardless if it is pouring down with rain, blowing a gale, freezing or the sun is shining!! and the best bit its energy efficient too!!!

Thermotec Panels from Thermolite Roofing Solutions provide a high quality finish to any conservatory!!

With an insulated conservatory roof from Thermolite Roofing Solutions, you will be using your conservatory in all the ways you probably dreamt of when you originally had it built