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Thermolite Roofing Solutions Ltd

  Making Conservatories Comfortable ALL Year

Mobile: 0750 898 3148

email: [email protected]


What are your options?

Until recently, the conservatory roof options available to homeowners who were looking to maintain or improve their conservatory have been extremely limited. The Permitted Development Regulations changed in 2010 meaning that conservatory roofs no longer had the 75% translucent rules. Thermotec researched and developed a solution that gave conservatory’s the benefits of having an insulated roof rather than just a thin sheet of plastic or glass. Thermotec were granted a patent ensuring that their unique panel design could only be manufactured by Thermotec and sold through their approved installers. Thermolite Roofing Solutions are happy to have secured this contract for the North East, UK area.

However as a company we realise that there are many options out on the market and it can be confusing for home owners. We therefore have a brief overview below to show you why Thermotec Roofing Systems is the best option for your conservatory. 

  • Replacement Polycarbonate
  • Blue Glass
  • Plasterboard
  • Tiled

Click on our pages under the options page to find out more about each of these options....