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Thermolite Roofing Solutions Ltd

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Tiled Roof

Expensive and Heavy

There are two types of tiled conservatory roof...

Proper tiled roof construction - The proper tiled roof construction essentially fits a traditional pitched roof including rafters and batons in place of the existing framework. This is the most expensive solution available but combines both weatherproofing and insulation. This solution requires complete redecoration inside with a new false ceiling fitted. Unfortunately, this system is unsuitable for most conservatory owners as the conservatory wasn’t built to take the huge increase in weight and the structure integrity would become compromised and eventually collapse over time

Tile effect sheeting - which in reality is little more than you would fit to your garden shed. It is achieved by using tile effect sheeting which looks the same from outside, but in reality, is nothing more than dressing the roof for appearance purposes only. It is installed by screwing wooden batons to the outside of the roof and then fitting the plastic tiles to it which again offers little in the way of insulation improvement and can affect how weather resistant the existing roof is due to the fixings of the new roof.

We would also advise caution to fitting halogen lighting into a suspended ceiling in a conservatory as offered by some companies. Spotlights run very hot and with inadequate ventilation and space around the light, it is possible that the roof could catch fire and melt causing thousands of pounds of damage.

A tiled conservatory roof is a good idea but in practice it is ultimately a flawed one. The only way to have an insulated conservatory that will not develop problems down the line is to replace the actual roof covering itself with a product that incorporates the insulation as part of the design.